V 1 - 0 5 1 5
V 2 W - 0 5 1 1
V 2 W - 1 2 1 5
3 V P - R S


L e t ' s   E l i m i n a t e   D a r k n e s s . . . "
P r e c i s i o n     E n g i n e e r e d     L i g h t i n g
FLYZEYE DESIGNS, LLC. was conceived in October of 2005 and formally established late 2009.  Since then, we have grown as a small company with a pretty loyal following on www.tacomaworld.com.  

We design, build, and offer custom LED products for the second generation TOYOTA Tacoma pick-ups - namely, the V1 and V2W LED center console lights.

July 2017: Attention customers, we will be rebuilding and restructuring our business model in the coming weeks.  It is likely that we will phase out our Tacoma-specific lighting products in favor of new products still TBD.  We will continue to honor warranty issues. Please feel free to contact us with your concerns.

March 2016: ONLY (3) Silver cases remain for custom building. ALL other silver cases have been sold. 

​April 2015: V1 and V2W nearing end-of-production.  As the 2016 TOYOTA Tacoma draws near, we have decided NOT to pursue vehicle-specific lighting as seen on the 2005 thru 2015 models.  We are however, working on new products at this time.

October 2013: 3VP Light - designs for a cased version are underway.

October 2013: Show & Tell at STEVEN TOYOTA, Harrisonburg, VA.  Meet the CEO, Dennis 'French' Lafreniere, Win a V1, V2W or 3VP. Click here for more information.

September 2013: 3VP-RS LED Proximity Light available in ALL colors.

August 2013: Introduction / beta release of the 3VP-RS LED Proximity Light designed as a simple but, precision utility light.  It's usefulness far outweighs its aesthetics.  It is, by design, being launched as a 'naked light' for good reason - it has no case, no fancy packaging, and no frills.  It simply works as intended.