V 1 - 0 5 1 5
V 2 W - 0 5 1 1
V 2 W - 1 2 1 5
3 V P - R S

Installation for 2005-2015 Tacoma: V1 LED Light

1. Clean as necessary.
2. Peel the 3M liner.
3. Position and press for several seconds.
4. Select primary or secondary color and adjust the intensity as desired.
5. Enjoy!
Product spotlight: V1 LED LIGHT

​The V1 LED Light is a compact, durable, and extremely useful ambient / accent light designed specifically for the second generation TOYOTA Tacoma.  In fact, it is the very reason FLYZEYE Designs LLC. was established in the first place.

The V1 is a battery-powered, dual color, dimmable unit and requires NO tools to install.

The unit features a high-precision injection molded PC/ABS case painted with a 2-stage automotive grade paint for a perfect match.

The V1 uses a 3-position slide switch to select between: OFF / Primary / Secondary  LED colors.  The halo illumination is simply the lighted rings that support the Touch-Sensitive Dimming Contacts (TSDC). When dismounted, the unit can be used for remote lighting.

Typical battery life runs over a year with normal use. Battery replacement is very simple - the unit is magnetically mounted with (10) Neodymium rare-earth magnets to a sturdy, 0.062" thick FR4 mounting plate.

The primary benefit to the V1 is simplicity - it is a stand alone unit and requires no special skills to install. This unit takes about 2 minutes to install.

These units are pridefully, hand-assembled in the USA and backed by our satisfaction guarantee.
Available LED colors
Available CASE colors

  ~ 633nm   R E D

  ~ 565nm   G R E E N

  ~ 612nm   A M B E R

 ~ 470nm   B L U E
The V1 and V2W LED lights use a field-effect transistor biasing circuit to increase and decrease the luminous intensity of the Primary and Secondary LEDs.  On the V2W, the primary dimming is achieved by adjusting the vehicle's dimmer.   

Both units use machined polycarbonate HALOs to isolate and illuminate the touch-sensitive dimming contacts (TSDC) and illuminated with (2) 3mm LEDs mounted inside the unit.  

Available LED colors are: RedGreenBlueAmber, and White.  The HALO color must be selected when ordering custom colored units.

P r e c i s i o n     E n g i n e e r e d     L i g h t i n g
L e t ' s   E l i m i n a t e   D a r k n e s s . . . "